Saturday, April 28, 2012

Mr. Here-there-everywhere

Thanks for always be here, there and everywhere, Mine <3



Friday, April 27, 2012

First post in 2012 :)

Hello again!

Can't believe that it will be my first post in 2012. What month is it again? January? What? APRIL?
So, this blog never been updated for approx 4 months? Am I that busy? Busy my arse! Haha!

So here we go..

Well, I'm still a freelancer. No steady job yet and still happy this way anyway. So, I was not that busy. And where was I these whole 4 months? Stayed at the cave and did nothing? Absofuckinlutely no! It's vice versa! I feel so productive instead. Why? Because finally one of my biggest dream came true, running a little business of my own. Culinary business to be exact. Mamiri - The Indonesian Authentic Dessert specialized at Es Pisang Ijo. It's a home made and yes it's made by me with a little lots of help from my partner Mbak Siti. Haha! I feel like I found my passion now. Never been working on something and felt this happy before. This is my dream.Working on my own. You know the feeling when people gave good responses and appreciations to Mamiri? I tell you, it's beyond happy! I feel the tingle in my tummy. Alhamdulillaaah :)

Anyway, Mamiri serves one of the finest Es Pisang Ijo in town *narsis dikit*. Taste it first and compare it to any other Es Pisang Ijo that you ever taste. Then you'll get what I meant :p

And beside running this little business what else did I do? Still the same.. Being a freelancer media relation/publicist. The new thing is I'm currently being a personal manager of Aryo Witjaksonoo, the Indonesia version of John Mayer. Oh, you can hear his upcoming single here *promo dikit :p* and a publicist of Darryl Wezy another local talented musician. Productive enough? Haha. I love my job anyway :)

That's a little update of the-long-lost me. Haha! It's good to be back :)