Sunday, September 20, 2009


i did almost forgot that i already had my own blog. oh, it was just two years ago anyway.
maybe i really need gibolan or something. yeah, soon i will.

since like everybody seems to start blogging, i start to think that maybe i should.
i mean, am really love to share my thoughts, my stories, my feelings by writing.
those who has follow me on twitter have known that kinda things.
my tweets are really based on my feelings. sad, happy, mad, confused, sick it's all written there.
until one day, some friends told me that they likes to read my tweets. they said that i have a sense of writing, am i? and they suggest me to start blogging instead of share it on twitter that just limited to 140 characters. it's even shorter than a SMS. but you know, the hardest part of all is to START. i mean, start to create a new account on blogger, start to think what should i write then, and those another "start" things that makes me going like "SHOULD I?" yeah, you can call me the super lazy one now. cause, i am. haha. the super lazy and stubborn girl.

but surprisingly i found THIS! i found it on my bestfriend's blog Kara, the one who made me start to create this blog (you can read my very-first-pathetic-post. but please just skip the ending, it was damn pathetic. haha). it's on her other blogs list. and i was shockingly said "SO, I HAVE A BLOG ALREADY?" that means i dont have to create a new one. yiipii yaaiy yeayy *dancing.

i was reading my post(s) before. actually i've only wrote two posts :p and when i read it, i start to flashback and think, am i that pathetic back then? haha. then i realize that it was a very hard year for me when i create this blog. and i'm so thankful that i have passed all that shits. you can find my happy faces now that you would never found at that time. yeah, time heals. i've leave it all behind. including that shitty dial up connection with shitty annoying voice. HAHA. i have my own hotspot on my home now. too many changes that happened in almost two years. positive changes.

so, from now on.. i think i will start to blogging (again). well, that's still maybe :p
i was thinking to turn it into a fashion blog. because that's one of my biggest dreams. i'm a fashion blogs reader and fashion is being my biggest passion lately (beside music of course). and based on those successfully fashion blogger, i was inspired to do such things.
but haven't got enough materials now. so, we'll see. and hello everyone! i'm back :)

anyway, today is the holy ied day 1430 H.
minal aidin wal faidzin everyone, have a wonderfull ied :)