Saturday, November 6, 2010

Me and Him in 20 years

Seems like Kaskus has been boyfie's must visit site, lately. And on a random day, he told me that he found something witty on Kaskus. Turns out it was some kind of silly application to figure out how would we look like in 20 years. As simple as uploading our current photo and voila you can see what would your face looks like.

..and these are Mine and His in 20 years

Boyfie said that he looks like "bule", here. Hahah. You wish!

Doesn't change a lot, eh? So, may I say it's an ageless beauty? :p

Well, I know the pictures are just for fun, but I'm hoping that Me and Him will still be together in 20 years as happy as we look on the pictures. Amen.

*Boyfie will give me a big PRETT if he reads this post. Hahah :))