Friday, October 15, 2010

He's back!

*You have to read my previous post "Wake me up when 15 October's end" before you read this post*

It's 15th October and I wake already. And as I wished before, the boy is back.

Finally got news from my busy boy said that the TVC's almost done. I was going like "horraaayy! yippyy yeaaayy!" *dancing. Okay, it might sounds too much. But after those tortured days, today is the day that I've been waiting for. The day when my busy boy (hopefully) back to be completely mine. The problem was.. he hasn't got a FVO (Female Voice Over) for the TVC. And due to the upcoming deadline, he asked me to help him. So, I went to his casa and recorded my crappy voice for the TVC. And it was totally fun. Laughing, sharing and cuddling all day long. I've been missing these things a lots. Oh, and it was my first time watching him working on the video. And yeah.. he's such a pro :p

Boyfie while editing video

And after few hours.... voilaaa! The TVC's finally doooneee! Alhamdulillah. Me likey! Hope the judges so. It hasn't been published yet, so i'll post the videos later.

Since the TVC's done earlier, we still have extra time before leaving. So, I asked him to sing me one of many songs he gave and record it. And here comes my man singing a song from Jesus and Mary Chain - About You with his guitar.. Ah, lovely! It's good to have you back, nyu :)



One fine random day :)

It was my first day at RuRu and suddenly my bestie Raben asked me to pick me up there and planned to spend quality time at my casa. Yes, he's such a sweetheart. Turns out Rebecca also wants to join us but has to finish some stuffs first. So, the plan changed. While waiting till Rebecca done her things, Me and Benyi were walking around the "GAUL" spots of teenagers at Tebet. Come to one distro to another. The risk of hanging out with my super gaul bestie is.. he meets his friends like everywhere *sigh. So, we end up at Tebet Junction or what so ever to meet up with Raben's friends and finally back to RuRu to pick Rebecca up. Turns out she has invitations to Media Gathering of Free Magazine and Hers Magazine. It was Free Magz's 9th anniversary and Hers Magz's 7th anniversary.

So here we are at Bibliotheque (typo?) Sampoerna Strategic for Free Magz and Hers Magz media gathering with a super crappy outfit. I have no idea that we're going to a big event that requires us to be dress up. I was wearing my loose yet 'lusuh' t-shirts, jeans and flats. What could be more crappy then this? *sigh. And seems like everyone there were dress up properly. It makes me feel completely uncomfy. Luckily, we met Mas Upay and Dhydha from OZ Radio Jakarta (I got my interns there) so I could feel way better. Oh well, seems like every media was there. It's another new experience for me.

Anyway, there was a 'tweet competition' at the time. So, the guests have to tweet mentioning @freemagz and @hers_magz anniversary as creative as they could be. And surprisingly the lucky man Raben won the competition and got lots of gifts and vouchers. They are Havaianas sandals, Pots Meets Pop denim jacket, Vouchers from Tribute, Penny and Snowbay. Arrrrgh.. Massive envy!

Raben with his gifts and the envy Dhydha

Since the gift from Pots Meets Pop was denim jacket for ladies, Raben asked me to wear it and said that it was look good on me. Then he gave me the jacket. Ahh.. told ya! He's such a sweetheart :)

Pots Meet Pops Denim Jacket from Benny

Another random thing is I finally get to know Karina Soegarda in person. She's my favorite announcer since I was in Junior Hi-school. I used to listen to her show "Chill Out" on Mtv Trax like every single day. She's Rebecca's bestfriend. And she's a really friendly one. Turns out we live in the same neighbourhood and she got no ride to get home. So, I offered her a ride and she said YES! "Whatt? Karina Soegarda my favorite announcer will ride in my car?". And after I drive her home (My Mom actually), I got an email notification from twitter said that "Karina Soegarda is now following you on twitter". Oh, What a night!

Dear Lord, thanks for today. It was one fine random day. I even could sleep with a big smile now :) :)



Thursday, October 14, 2010

New job ; New experience(s)

When I've been stressed out by the fantastic numbers of my matrix bill, all of sudden, a friend of mine Rebecca Theodora offered me a job to help her at RuangRupa gallery as Media Staff. I was going like, "You've got to be kidding me. GIVE ME THE JOB!". Well, frankly it's not a real job. It's more like a volunteer. I still get paid but not in a huge number.

So, RuRu is going to celebrate it's 10th anniversary. The theme is "Expanding The Space and Public". There will be a lot of events in the term of November to January. One of the biggest events is Jakarta 32. It's an art exhibition consists of visual, videos, fashions, photos and lots more. I'm here as a Media staff who responsible for all kind of publication either to media or to public. And it ain't an easy job. But dealing with media(s) isn't a new thing for me since I was working at Lockermedia as Media and Promotion. The new thing is.. I'm working with some of my Idols. I could never imagine that I will work in a same room with Ale and Ricky from Whiteshoes and The Couples Company, Batman and Oomleo from Goodnight Electric and lots more. It such a new experience for me. A great one.

Yesterday was my first day. And I was going like "Err.. I"m an alien. I have no friends". The only persons that know me are just Oomleo and Rebecca. But then again, it always happens in every 'first day', ryte? Hopefully as time goes by I will adapt with this new environment. Wish me luck, folks!



Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wake me up when 15 October's end

Boyfriend been soooo busy lately due to chase the deadline of Pinashtika Award (advertising competition) on 15 October 2010. Him and his partner Kei are take part on TVC competition. The brief is about being a smart consumer. Well personally (nothing to do with him as my pacar loh), I love the creative idea. And for this, I'm really proud of him.. and Kei of course :p I can't share the details of the story lines yet. But, I'll post the link as soon as the TVC done.

I also took part of the shoots process as a wardrobe (what else do you think I could be? besides being a supportive girlfriend of course. haha). The first day shoot was on LSPR TV's studio with green screen and all and the next day on a traditional market not too far from boyfie's house. That was totally fun yet tiring days. Many shits happened during the shoots. The worst thing was when boyfie accidentally broke the lens that we borrowed from a friend. And it costs around 900.000 idr. Poor em'.

.. and these are some of the pictures taken during the TVC shoot

Traditional Market Scene

Rusdy as Tukang Ikan

A moment before the lens accidentally broke

Me as Wardrobe

Boyfie as Director and Cameraman

Kei as Director

Rusdy as the Presenter

Olan, Abi, Tessa and Dicky as Keluarga Cahyo

The TVC's currently on the editing process with boyfie as the editor. I bet it will be guhreat consider that he's such a great editor. And that's another thing that makes me really proud of him. What makes me a bit sad is... when he's too busy with his stuffs then I'm a bit forgotten. No news from him these past 2 days. No calls, texts, not even YM. I miss him lotts. But then again, understanding is the key, ryte? So, I will just wait till the deadline's over, patiently. Hope that he will be completely mine afterward. Wake me up when 15 October's end, will you?



Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hell-o again!

It's been a year since my last post. Wasn't blog supposed to be a daily report of it's owner? Turns out it's more like a yearly report for me, eh? Blame on the 'anget-anget-tai-ayam' mood. Haha.
But I promise my self to update it at least once a month. Well, I easily promised yet easily broke it. Hopefully not this one. Notes!

So, what so cool to share, Ndaw? Does 2010 treat you well? IT DOES! This year is absofuckinlutely my year. Too many blessings. Too many happiness. Between those tons of blessings and happiness, I got 2 big transformation in 2010.

9 August 2010:

After those years being a single fighter, after those struggling years, after the long wait I'm (finally) officially Aidil Akbar's. He's such a worth to wait anyway *lots to share. will do later ;)

27 September 2010:

After those struggling months dealing with books, theories, and lots lots lotsa papers, I proudly pronounce myself as Gyanda Indah Kartika Agtyani, S.Si :)

My Graduation day will be held in December. Hope it will end my 2010 perfectly with my perfect man as the companion.


Andaw :)